Marriage is a Covenant…Not Just a Contract

I recently did a program on the Bott Radio network on the issue of marriage in America.  The focus of the program was how we have lost a biblical view on marriage in much of America.  In God’s view, in Scripture, God refers to marriage as a covenant between and man and a woman, not just a contract.
In Scripture, a covenant is from the Hebrew word beriyth meaning “a solemn agreement cut between parties with binding force.”  It is evidenced powerfully with God’s covenant with Abraham in Genesis 12.  There God was the initiator of the covenant and had Abraham “cut” in half a sacrificial heifer to indicate the vital and important nature of the covenant.  Then, during the night, God passed through the middle of the halves of the heifer as a smoking lamp, committing himself to Abraham in covenant relationship, and to his descendents.

A covenant is a lasting agreement…yet in the eyes of many in America marriage has been reduced to a “contract” rather than a covenant.  So, it would help us to clearly understand the difference between the two…

A contract is based on distrust–
A covenant is based on trust.

A contract is based on limited liability—
A covenant is based on unlimited responsibility.

A contract can be voided by a court or mutual consent—
A covenant is meant to not be voided.

A contract says, “What’s mine is mine.”—
A covenant says, “What’s mine is yours.”

As I look around our nation and the breakdown of our marriages I think it’s time we got back to the concept of COVENANT in marriage and started teaching it in our churches.

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    Dear Bob, I was at the FBCM yesterday for the morning service and the Man service in the evening. Thank you very much for being with us and providing us with your prospective. You are the greatest speaker that I have ever had the opportunity to listen to. Thank You

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