The New “Leadership” T-Shirt

Too many of us have watched with shattered hearts and minds as we see leaders in politics, finances, church life and various other professions admit that while they were saying one thing, they were doing another.

Others of us have had children who, old enough to be involved with other teens, came home from activities of which we as parents may have had some questions.  Yet when we asked such questions as:

“Was there alcohol at that party?”
“Was there anything going on of which you wouldn’t want us to know?”
“Were there boys (or girls) there that shouldn’t have been?”

….they responded not with an answer, but with a question.  Cheryl and I learned a long time ago that when that happened, the answer was YES!  And something was being covered up.

I’m sure the same could be said regarding a number of marriages, which have broken apart.  Or partnerships.  Or church splits.  Or….you fill in the blank.

I recently came across a T-Shirt that perhaps, in our culture, would be handy for many to have handy….sadly.  Take a look!

"I'm telling you....nothing happened"

"I'm Lying"

But, for you, my closing encouragement would be go read Proverbs 4:23.  It’s a guide we should all keep handy!

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