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[Please do not reprint the bio below. We provide it for PRC leadership for the purpose of review when considering Bob Reccord as a speaker.  It minimizes the impact if your guests are aware of this testimony before the event.]

Beatrice was pregnant with her 3rd child, scared, uneducated,married to an abusive alcoholic, and over-whelmed. While the details may vary, it’s the story of many of the women we long to help.  But, this is also the story of hope. For, this Mom made the tough choice, the right choice—the choice that gave her baby life—and a chance at a future. A year later, she tragically died. And, by today’s standards, Bobby’s life seemed further limited when he was adopted by a couple—neither of whom finished high school. The adoptive father had also been an abused child of a single mother who was raised by an alcoholic step-grandfather. 

Bob Reccord would tell you that those details of his life have only served to make him passionate about the value of life for all children—not just those who are born into “ideal” circumstances.  Bob is a sought-after speaker at Pregnancy Resource Banquets. To hear his message at an Indiana center's banquet, CLICK HERE.

Results for Centers like yours:

  • Rome, GA---giving exceeded the previous year’s high
  • Lancaster, Calif. ------the largest dollars amount given in 10 years
  • Atlanta, GA-----the largest giving in its fairly new history (inner city-based)
  • Texarkana, TX-------doubled the largest giving in the organization’s history

Words cannot express the spiritual atmosphere throughout the evening
of our 11th Annual Banquet!  And Dr. Reccord was the icing on the
cake! He was amazing. We are still hearing reports from our guests of how exciting our speaker was.  They think he was the best! And I
do too. God bless you for sharing your gift and passion for life with us.
We hope to see you again soon in the near future. The amount
raised was the most we’ve every raised in the history of banquets at
the Center.

Kimberly Banks, LAS Executive Director__
First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center__
Texarkana, TX__

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