Wild Game Dinners

If you know Bob Reccord, you know he loves the outdoors. From fishing to hunting to paragliding off the Swiss Alps and diving in the ocean, Bob wants to experience it all. The only things he loves more than the outdoors is his love for God and family and his passion to see men come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and experience that purpose on a daily basis.

Wild Game Dinners in your community and church connect with men who don't do church. These events provide a chance for guys to get together outside of the home or office, dig their teeth into some great food [no sushi here] and hear a message that challenges them to think beyond what they can see through the scope of a rifle.

With over 3100 men and boys of all ages at our Wild Game Dinner, Bob Reccord was on target with his creativity, humor and hard-hitting delivery. Scores of men responded with life-changing decisions! If you’re hunting for a speaker, I recommend him for your event.

Mark Harrison, Exec. Pastor
First Baptist Church, Gardendale, AL
After having fifteen men profess Jesus as Lord and Savior during our "Wild Game Supper" with Bob Reccord our church went into an instant revival. Word quickly spread throughout our town and every one is asking me to have Bob back as quickly as possible.

Dr. Ronnie Mayes
Former Sr. Pastor
Rose Hill Baptist Church, Ashland, Kentucky

I am so grateful for the ministry of Bob Reccord. I am personally indebted to him for his investment in my life through mentorship, and I am thankful for his example as a competent, visionary and godly leader. God has used Bob greatly and I cannot recommend his ministry highly enough. I have had him in our church for a Wild Game Dinner and our men loved him. He is an incredibly gifted speaker, preacher/teacher, author and can powerfully “draw the net” via the invitation. As a church leader, I would encourage you to book him today for your church.

Jim Perdue, Sr. Pastor
Second Baptist Church, Warner Robins, GA

When Bob Reccord came to Thomasville, Georgia to speak at our annual Wild Game Dinner, something very special happened. The crowd of hunters and outdoorsmen included a wide age range and a great number of unchurched men, but they all listened intently to the message. I’ve never seen a speaker establish rapport with a group as quickly as Bob did. His humor was disarming, his passion for hunting was engaging, and his stories were exciting. I was most impressed by the clarity of his gospel presentation and evangelistic appeal. Bob Reccord hit the center of the mark with our men, and we saw scores of decisions for Christ.

Dan Spencer, Sr. Pastor
First Baptist Church, Sevierville,TN
Former Sr. Pastor
First Baptist Church, Thomasville, GA

Bob Reccord is a passionate and gifted speaker, who was able to articulate the Word of God in a fun, loving, and truthful way. We were blessed by his servant heart and how he engaged the men at our outdoors event, on stage and off stage, with stories and illustrations that both captivated and inspired them towards making a decision for Jesus. Out of the men who attended our event, around 11% made a first time decision to put their trust in Christ, because of Bob's gospel presentation and his genuine love for the Lord. .

Mark Hammer, Associate Pastor
North Summit Church, Sandpoint, Idaho

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