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Surprises are the spice of life they say.  They contribute flavor, interest and joy to the journey.

One of those came my way this week when I picked up some outdoor magazines I subscribe to and began to leaf through them… reading an article here and there, noting announcements of new equipment, and generally enjoying one of my passions—hunting.
The surprise came when I turned the page in the September edition of OUTDOOR LIFE and came to an article which quickly grabbed my interest, “DEER OF THE YEAR.”  A central part of the article were pictures of hunters from all over the nation with their trophy deer and mule deer.  Perusing  the pictures admiring  numerous deer taken by both men, women and youth, I almost scanned over something that for some reason caught my eye.  I wasn’t sure what made me stop…and then I looked closer… that was me in one of those pictures!!

In December of 2016 I had gone to north Texas near Pampa to hunt for mule deer.  I had never gotten one because I had never gotten a good shot, and it was a bucket list hope for me.  The area was filled with ravines, and the spot and stalk required getting out and getting after it---not sitting in a blind like I do in whitetail hunting.  It was late afternoon of the first day that we spotted an old warrior on a ridge bedded down with a doe on a far ridge.  We worked our way to get a shot, and I took my first ever mule deer.  And what a warrior he was.  His ears where shredded from battles, his body scarred, and when my outfitter looked at the deer and its teeth once it was on the ground, I was amazed to hear him say, “I think this old boy is approximately 10 years old!!”  That is ancient for a deer!!  He had been king of the roost, evidently, for a long, long time.  His antlers measured 167 ¾.  What a thrill!!

Months ago, I had seen a little box in OUTDOOR LIFE asking reads to submit any outstanding deer pictures from hunts for consideration for publishing later on in the year.  On a whim, I submitted my mullie.  I never expected to hear from them again.  And I didn’t.  And suddenly, all these months later, there it was right in the middle of the article!!  What a surprise!  What a joy!!  What a memory!!!  And that was worth waiting for.


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