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  Think of a crowd of men of any size and think of 70% of that number (7 out of every 10) and you 
have the number of people percentage (number) that I have seen carrying the baggage of Father Wounds in thousands and thousands of men I have been privileged to speak to in the last 14 years!  When I have asked a simple question to crowds of ranging from hundreds to thousands…

How many of you had a dad, step-dad or granddad as you were growing up who regularly told you they loved you, they were proud of you (for who you were, not merely for how you performed) and worked hard to be engaged in what was important to you (not just them)?

rarely has there been more than 30% able to answer in the affirmative.  And many women, hearing me report that, have said the facts are much different for women!!

That is why I have just finished my 10th book, ENDING THE CYCLE OF FATHER WOUNDS and hope it will be a help and tool for many to (1) understand the reality of such wounds, (2) determine to what degree they personally may be affected by Father Wounds, (3) be healed and be restored from such wounds, and (3) prevent them from being passed on to the next generation.

Dr. Rick Fowler, a very experienced licensed Christian counselor (with over 35,000 sessions helping others deal with life’s issues), worked with me to construct a self-administered assessment of Father Wound impacts in the life of the reader.  While it is not an infallible or inerrant tool, it is a help in determining to what degree such wounds may be affecting present day life and relationships.  Additionally, he offers one means which he has found helpful in helping people resolve such wounds.

 The book is now available on Amazon. 

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