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Bob’s Latest Book…in time for FATHER’S DAY on Amazon!!

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You may be asking, “So what is a Father Wound?”  And is it necessarily something a father, step dad or father figure does intentionally?

In the book I define a Father Wound as

An emotional injury to the heart and soul cause by what a dad, stepdad or father figure did—or did not do—in words, actions or inactions as a child grew through childhlld and adolescence, damaging or rupturing relationships as a result.  It requires healing and, if left unattended, will become deeper and more “infected.”  Following proper cleansing and treatment, it will require time to heal.

So, such wounds don’t just happen by screaming or yelling, criticism, demeaning remarks, and at worst physical or sexual abuse.  They also result from emotional disengagement, not be focused in when a child wants to talk or have some attention, equating “providing” for the child with expressing verbal and emotional love for and pride in the child.

And they are not primarily based on whether the dad, stepdad, or father figure feels they did--or did not—cause Father Wounds.  It is primarily determined by what the child felt and experienced during their growing up years.  So, it is possible for the grown child and the dad, stepdad or father figure to have two different views of the past.

This is where leadership, maturity and sensitivity by the parent is key.  The solution is not found in defending oneself, but in humbly being willing to take the necessary steps to heal the strained or ruptured relationship—whatever it takes.  Helping that happen, and offering hope for healing…as well as insights for preventing relational wounds…is what this book is all about.

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