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I recently was honored to speak for the Life Network of Southern Illinois annual fundraiser.  They are doing such an amazing job in the battle for life!  The people attended responded so generously and their amazing results speak for themselves.  Debbie Geist, the wonderful Executive Director there, wrote a great endorsement…

Bob Reccord was the keynote speaker at our recent fundraising banquet, and I can honestly say that e is one of the most gifted and dynamic prolife speakers I have ever heard.  He is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the prolife arena and his presentation style is unique and motivating.  His passion for “protecting ALL life” is apparent and he delivered his message with power and gentle grace.  Sharing his own personal story was the highlight of the evening and our donors are still talking about how God used “less than ideal circumstances” to transform his life into a beautiful picture of redemption and grace.  Bob’s communication with me before, during and after the event was refreshing and much appreciated.  He also did an exceptional job with the “appeal” by challenging our donors to give out of faith, not comfort or convenience.  We raised the largest financial support in the history of our ministry (26 years) and I highly recommend Bob for any pregnancy center looking for an energetic and effective speaker.

Debbie Geist 
Executive Director, Life Network of Southern Illinois

As I told Debbie, if I had the opportunity I would speak at one of these every week of the year because I believe in their mission so much!

If you know of a Pregnancy Resource Center close to you, or which your church supports, I would love to help them with their fund raising event by coming and speaking.  They can contact Ambassador Speakers Bureau in Nashville via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out a Speaker Request Form.  Our e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We would love to serve you and help move your ministry forward!!


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No matter where you are on the Journey of Life, It's not too late to live a life that matters. We want to help you get there.Our goal is intentional transformation for kingdom impact!

Total Life Impact Ministries, founded by Bob and Cheryl Reccord, helps people and organizations make a lasting impact on their world. Bob and Cheryl Reccord's passion is to see men, women and organizations experience their full potential in life and relationship with God.

Through their years of service in both the public, private and faith-based sectors, the Reccords have seen individuals and organizations experience life's pinnacle while also seeing others give in to moral failure or decline. Whether speaking, coaching or consulting as individuals...or as a couple...Bob and Cheryl Reccord help people and organizations refocus their direction for a life of greater significance and impact.

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