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Over the last few years some great friends have been encouraging me to update and expand my best-selling book, Beneath the Surface: Steering Clear of the Dangers that Could Leave You Shipwrecked.  One of those has been George Williams who helped me in the creation of the book originally while he served at B&H Publishers, a division of LifeWay Resources.  And this year, I’ve taken the advice.

The first phase will be an expanded and enhanced eBook, followed by a print book.  And the first step was a brand new chapter on how to get rid of bad habits which was incorporated as part of my message at the Johnny Hunt Men’s Conference, where 6000 men attended!

This new chapter is a free gift to you with no strings attached. It provides helpful resources in a battle every person experiences at some level…dealing effectively with bad habits. I have sought to offer great insights into their causes, helps for conquering these challenges, and cutting-edge insights into reprogramming life by “transforming our minds”—just as Scripture teaches.  This gift will not only deliver life-changing insight as you read, but will also include:

  • Video clips from interviews at our Men’s Conference that will help you live-out Bob’s teaching
  • Links to a free online Bible for every Scripture used…with extensive notes to help further understand and live-out God’s Word
  • In-text links to additional bestselling free resources


Just click here to download your free resource on effectively dealing with bad habits. You will be directed to a web page with additional instructions for receiving this gift on your computer or phone or tablet.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from this helpful resource:

How to:

  • Identify and get rid of bad habits
  • Guard your heart against temptation and sin
  • Develop integrity that will bless your home
  • Overcome cultural opposition
  • Find inner strength you didn’t know was available
  • Be honest with yourself
  • Embrace positive spiritual change
  • Stop emotional desires from overcoming right and wrong
  • Take responsibility for your thoughts, attitudes, and actions
  • Kill excuses that are holding you back
  • Make your desire to do right become a reality
  • Tame your tongue
  • Identify healthy stress vs unhealthy stress
  • Rewire your brain through your own thought patterns
  • Avoid being a “Lone Ranger”
  • Take courageous action

This new chapter will offer godly advice you can put into practice, plus advice you’ll find helpful for teaching or ministering to others. You’ll find easy exercises that help us be more honest with ourselves. Learn the truth about social media…make sure it’s helping you rather than hurting you.

 You’ll also find clickable Hyperlinked Scripture verses that will display the entire Bible passage plus notes in your browser; Video links that are like short teaching sessions to help you learn and practice the deeper truths; and Hyperlinks that will take you to additional resources for further knowledge and understanding.

This free gift will be available to you for the next 14 days. If you’d like to share this with any friends, feel free to post the link on your social media.

Just click here to download now.

Total Life Impact Ministries

No matter where you are on the Journey of Life, It's not too late to live a life that matters. We want to help you get there.Our goal is intentional transformation for kingdom impact!

Total Life Impact Ministries, founded by Bob and Cheryl Reccord, helps people and organizations make a lasting impact on their world. Bob and Cheryl Reccord's passion is to see men, women and organizations experience their full potential in life and relationship with God.

Through their years of service in both the public, private and faith-based sectors, the Reccords have seen individuals and organizations experience life's pinnacle while also seeing others give in to moral failure or decline. Whether speaking, coaching or consulting as individuals...or as a couple...Bob and Cheryl Reccord help people and organizations refocus their direction for a life of greater significance and impact.

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Total Life Impact Ministries

No matter where you are on the Journey of Life, It's not too late to live a life that matters. We want to help you get there. Our goal is intentional transformation for kingdom impact!