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As we approach the 241st Birthday of our Nation I am proud to be an American and to know we are endowed with unalienable Rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!!  Despite the challenges we watch in Washington, D.C., the polarization of our citizenry, and the rise of global terrorism we have so much for which to be thankful!

•  Thank God for the settlers of Jamestown who braved the unknown
•  Thank God for the pilgrims who braved the Mayflower passage and faced a horrible winter as their “welcome” to a new land
•  Thank God for the Puritans who brought a moral strength and played such a huge role in establishing our nation’s educational system
•  Thank God for Founding Fathers who stood against all odds to launch the greatest experiment of democracy ever conceived…our amazing Republic!!
•  Thank God for the 56 who risked it all to sign the Declaration of Independence, not knowing whether they would be seen as Heroes launching a new nation, or Traitors needing to be hanged.

We stand on amazing and awesome shoulders, and we must remember that the freedoms we enjoy today have not been free at all.  So many individuals have given their life or limbs to purchase and preserve those freedoms, and as a result, so many families have been affected throughout our history.

As a result I am honored that my good friend, and one of our nation’s heroes, Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin will be speaking this Sunday, June 25th, at Oak Hill Baptist Church where I presently serve as Transition Pastor.  Join me in praying prayers of Thanksgiving for all of those who have served, and are serving,  our nation who give so much to keep us free.  And I pray you have a wonderful and thankful July 4!!!

William G Boykin

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