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Finding myself in my 8th month as Transition Pastor of Oak Hill Baptist Church in Griffin, GA, we have just completed a series on discovering the calling and mission that God prepared for you even before you were born. I used as a foundation,  the eight principles my great friend and coauthor, Randy Singer, and I had put into the book  on the subject, MADE TO COUNT. The focus is that rather than simply a “position” we are called primarily into a personal relationship with a person whose name is Jesus Christ.  A position is secondary to that!  As Os Guiness says, “God’s call is by God, to God and for God.”

We also addressed the unintentional message that some get around church, which is, the only people who are called are vocational ministers and missionaries.  Rather, God means for every one of His followers to be missionaries right where they are planted,  starting now.  So, any Christ-follower needs to be as willing to “go across the street” as they are to go across the world to make an impact for the Christ they serve.  Ministry is often right around the corner…if we’re just looking for it.

Those who influence and impact the next generation have an amazing opportunity to “change their world, right where they are!”  With the  school year starting in the communities surrounding the church, we took the opportunity to “commission” approximately 45 of our members who work in either private or public schools.  As the early church often prayed over those they sent out, the entire congregation joined in a prayer as our Student Pastor led, with many reaching their hand out toward those being “sent” as a symbol of support, affirmation and love.  For the entire fall semester, each of these people are being adopted by an adult or student Bible study class and will be prayed for specifically on a weekly basis.

What a great morning…and experience…for a church to send forth a significant part of their own to impact their world in one of the most important mission fields of our day—the schools of our land!


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