Total Life Impact Ministries was founded by Cheryl and Bob Reccord. Since 2006, hundreds of thousands of men, women and students have heard their messages through personal appearances, radio and the internet encouraging them to connect with God in a personal relationship through Jesus Christ and begin to experience an exciting, purposeful mission alongside Him. Total Life Impact Ministries will come alongside individuals, churches or organizations to help you be all God designed you to be.

Vision Statement

That all people would understand God has called them to a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ , and recognize God has uniquely gifted them for an exciting, purposeful mission in order to positively impact their world and make their life count.

Mission Statement

Total Life Impact is passionately committed to help people, couples, and organizations make a Kingdom impact that matters, right where they are…starting now!

Total Life Impact Statement of Faith

The Scripture:

We believe that God spoke through divinely inspired men to reveal Himself and His redemptive plan.  It is without any mixture of error and is truth and the absolute standard for living that pleases God.  It is profitable for teaching us how to live and believe (doctrine), showing us when we are not living that way (reproof), getting us back on the proper path (correction), and keeping us walking in obedience and blessing (instruction in righteousness) as stated in 2 Timothy 3:16, 17.  All Scripture points to and reveals Christ, who is the central focus of all divine revelation.


We believe there is only one true and living God who is eternal and by whom all things were created.  He is altogether holy, omnipotent, omniscient, eternal, loving, just, and full of grace and mercy.  He reveals Himself as a triune God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit–and possesses personal attributes without division of nature, essence or being.  As Eternal Father, God reigns sovereignly over the universe and the affairs of men.  He is the spiritual Father to all those who become His children through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.  His miracles as recorded in Scripture were historical and true, as were those of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God and stepped from eternity into time, born of the virgin Mary, and was totally God and totally man as He lived his life on this earth.  He lived a sinless life fully dependent on and obedient to the Heavenly Father’s will.  His voluntary and substitutionary death on the cross was willingly endured for the redemption of all who would place their faith in His atoning death and His resurrection.  After He rose from the dead on the third day as prophesied, He then ascended back into Heaven where today He is seated at the right hand of the Heavenly Father and makes intercession for those who are committed to follow Him in faith.  He will return in triumphant glory to judge the world and establish the rule of His Kingdom, consummating His redemptive mission of seeking and saving those who are lost.  But until then He lives in the heart of believers who have trusted Him as Savior and Lord.

The Holy Spirit is fully divine and inspired men of old to pen the Scriptures without error.  His illumination of our minds reveals divine truth to believers today, through the Scripture.  He convicts hearts, calls people to the Savior, effects the new birth, seals them unto the day of final redemption, is the earnest (down payment) of all the riches and blessings they have in Christ, and gifts those comprising the church for the work of ministry.

Man’s Salvation:

There is only one way to a personal relationship with God and that is through Jesus Christ, His Son.   It is an act of faith alone in Christ alone, made possible through grace alone.  Man is inherently sinful and cannot save himself.  God has given each person the gift of free choice which allows them to reject God’s gift of salvation, or accept it by faith.  Man is created in God’s own image and therefore every person, of every race has dignity and is worthy of respect and kindness…but remains responsible alone, for what they will do with Christ, the Savior.  That is a decision that cannot be made for them, but which they must make themselves once they are old enough to comprehend the basics of the amazing Gospel of grace.

Every man and woman will have an eternal destiny.  Those accepting Christ will have an eternity with Him in Heaven, and those rejecting or ignoring Him will spend an eternity separated from Him in anguish and torment.

Salvation encompasses:

Regeneration in which man is made a new creation in Christ Jesus.  Conviction by God’s Holy Spirit leads to a decision of faith in Christ characterized by repentance (a change in heart, mind and direction of life).  Thus, there is a commitment of the person to Christ as Lord and Savior.

Justification is God’s response to faith in which the believer is made just-as-if-they-had-never-sinned in God’s sight, and by which the righteousness of God is added to the believer through God’s grace.

Sanctification is an ongoing journey of the believer that begins with regeneration and through which God sets the believer apart for His glory.  This is a progress toward moral and spiritual maturity accomplished by the Holy Spirit.

Glorification will be the culmination of salvation when the believer is in eternity with Christ and those who have followed Him.

The Church:

We believe the local New Testament church is an autonomous group of believers who have followed Christ in faith and are regenerate through new birth.  The church has been and will remain the primary means through which Christ will grow His Kingdom on earth.  It is following the guidelines of leadership as set forth in the New Testament.  Every member is accountable to Christ and to one another. 

The church in the New Testament is also mentioned as the world-wide church, comprised of all believers in Jesus Christ who have accepted Him as Savior and Lord.

The church is to celebrate the joys of believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper as two highlights of the church’s corporate experience.  These symbols of God’s work among His people are a binding and unifying force for the church family.

Life’s Purpose and Mission:

We believe that God creates every individual for (1) a personal relationship with Him, and (2) a mission alongside Him.  Even from their mother’s womb He has had a plan for their lives.  Once they come to know Him personally He desires to use them to change their world by impacting and inviting the lives they encounter to enter into a relationship and mission with Christ.  Every believer, not just some believers, is called of God to join Him in what He is doing to change the world through changing lives.  And God promises to guide, empower, and gift those who follow Him so that they may increasingly grow in faith in Him, and continually be on mission with Him.

Life’s Final Exam:

We believe every person will stand before Christ at the end of life.  Those who have rejected Him will stand at the great white throne and be removed from Him forever in torment and hell.

Those who have accepted and followed Him will stand at the judgment seat of Christ and give and account of the actions, attitudes and motives of their life.  They will then be rewarded according to Christ’s assessment of their life and ministry.

May those who come behind us find us faithful!