Pregnancy Resource Center Banquet

Stories. Jesus told them. People are moved by them. Nothing is more powerful than a personal, real-life story; that is why Bob Reccord’s message on the sanctity of life is engaging and compelling – it’s his life story. You’ll be uplifted, encouraged and ready to get engaged like never before when Bob is finished.
Tony Perkins
President Family Research Council
I meet many leaders and speakers in the course of my national pro-life work. One of the most successful and impactful leaders, both on stage and behind the scenes, is Dr. Bob Reccord. I got to know him during the years he served as Executive Director of the Council for National Policy, a crucially important organization of leaders, which he guided very effectively. I know his passion for the pro-life cause, and his ability to impart that passion to others. He has been rated as one of the most successful speakers in motivating people to support pregnancy centers and other pro-life groups financially. He defends family and freedom and inspires people across the Body of Christ to fulfill their God-given call. I am pleased to recommend Dr. Bob Reccord wholeheartedly as a speaker for events large and small.
Fr. Frank Pavone,
National Director and Chairman of the Board, Priests for Life
Dr. Reccord’s own story propels his passion as he prepares…We have received calls and cards since the banquet expressing gratitude for Dr. Reccord’s address…We exceeded our goal by over 150% and there are still contributions coming making it look like we may exceed 200%!... I highly recommend inviting Bob to speak at your banquet or event if you want a speaker who is engaged and concerned about your mission and who can raise awareness of the importance of the work you and your center are accomplishing.
Renee Clark
Exec Director, WaterLife Pregnancy Care Center
This man knows his stuff", "He was the best speaker you've ever had", "I've learned so much here tonight".  Those are just a few of the compliments I heard about our speaker as guests left our spring fundraising banquet.  And Praise the Lord, we raised 215% of our banquet goal!  If you are looking for a speaker for your event in your future plans I would highly recommend Bob Reccord.  Bob's message is so powerful and his testimony so moving!  He is a blessing to the pro-life movement and we are so thankful we were able to have him with us this year.
Dee Spruce
Executive Director, Albemarle Pregnancy Center and Medical Clinic
Being the mother of two children with serious health issues, I greatly appreciate Bob Reccord’s central message that every life matters…from the womb to the tomb. He so strongly communicates that when a culture devalues life at one end of the spectrum, it is only a matter of time until it is devalued in numerous other points along life’s continuum. His message are packed with not only information and inspiration, but education and motivation to act…and become a difference-maker. I have known Bob since he led the highly regarded Council for National Policy in Washington and I know that he is a man with a passion for Life, and its protection by all ages, races and genders. And he can hold the focused attention of all age groups, calling them to join the movement for protecting those who cannot protect themselves and raising funds for those of us who battle daily on the front lines of the culture war. I highly recommend him for your consideration at your next fund-raising event.
Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America
Bob Reccord is an inspiring and powerful voice. A genuine man with a compassionate heart for the vulnerable, particularly the unborn, Bob is changing the hearts and minds of people, encouraging them to boldly stand up in support of life. His work is an important element of the winning pro-life movement!
Marjorie Dannenfelser,
President, Susan B. Anthony List
Bob Reccord is a gifted speaker. He gave the keynote address for our recent pregnancy resource center banquet which is our center’s largest annual fundraiser. Bob’s presentation was compelling, highlighting the moral, social, physical, and spiritual implications when we fail to value and cherish human life. By sharing his own personal story, Bob hit home his points that every human life matters and that we can all do our part to make a difference. His speech was so moving and powerful that people are still discussing it nearly two weeks later. I highly recommend Bob for your next event. He is able to motivate and inspire all those who attend to unite with you in carrying out your mission to save babies and share the gospel.
Beth Hathorn
Whispering Hope Pregnancy Center
We just had Bob Reccord speak at our annual fall fundraising banquet and "wow" are we glad that we did. We actually tried to secure him in previous years and I can say that he is well worth the wait! Bob's wife, Cheryl, handles his arrangements and is a joy to work with in planning for an event. That means a great deal to me as a center Director and for my team! As the time approached Bob spoke with me at length over the phone, had prayer for me, my family, and my team. On the day of the event he arrived early, encouraged our team and from the moment the VIP reception began, was talking non-stop with our donors. When it came time for Bob to speak he was engaging, humorous and "on target"! He is passionate about life and his message for us was very timely. Our people were glued to his presentation and significantly moved by his own personal testimony, which he incorporates within his presentation. One of the things I appreciated so much was the insightful information Bob brought concerning abortion and its impact upon the woman involved, but also the man, the baby and our society as a whole. The information he shared with us gave many present new and challenging food for thought. My own teenage son was moved by Bob's testimony and was greatly impacted by this quote that he shared. As my son Evan recalls, "All that has to happen for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing!" And last -but-by-no-means least, Bob is straightforward, focused and inspiring in his challenge for all present to give, and to give out of faith...not convenience or comfort. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bob to any center that wants a fresh voice and an engaging evening!
Teresa Weigand
Director, Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center
Dr. Reccord was one of the best pregnancy resource center banquet speakers we have ever experienced. The response his presentation was overwhelming. His powerful, impactful prolife message delivered in a context of gentle grace was fortified by his touching and potent personal account of being adopted. Attendees from all walks of life verbalized how much they learned from Dr. Reccord’s unique perspective on how abortion impacts us all. In addition, we had the highest amount of gifts we have ever had for a banquet due to his impact.
Martha Raub
Executive Director, New Hope Family Services
We were delighted with Bob Reccord as our pregnancy resource center banquet speaker. He put everything into his presentation which was so powerful . He challenged our guest. He educated them. He exhorted them, and then he concluded by telling his transformational personal story of grace and redemption through adoption. He had the audience in his hands. Some of our guests said he was our best speaker yet! Feedback has been outstanding. We also asked Bob to give the challenge for giving, something with which many speakers struggle. But not Bob! His way of giving the challenge was the best we’ve ever heard. We know of at least three people who doubled the amount they were going to give due to Bob’s challenge. We raised the second highest amount ever!! We highly recommend Bob for any pregnancy center looking for a dynamic speaker who gets the job done!
Luci Hough
Executive Director, Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center
Recently, Piedmont Women’s Center had the opportunity to obtain Dr. Bob Reccord as our annual pregnancy resource center banquet speaker. Dr. Reccord’s technique to deliver thought-provoking ideas peaked interest with the donors, board, and staff of our organization. His biblical reasoning in presenting life as sacred and holy in our ‘culture of death’ is unquestionably on of the best I’ve ever seen. The night of the banquet the audience was motionless as they listened to him unfold his own personal testimony. I was grateful for his down-to-earth style, warm personality and charming sense of humor…qualities that helped our donors engage their minds and think on a totally different level. Based upon the feedback from our donors and my firsthand experience I would highly recommend and endorse Dr. Reccord to any organization that is looking for a creative, caring and compassionate speaker. Our results in first time donors, new volunteers, medical professional help and both in-kind and monetary gifts were outstanding!
Lenna Neill
CEO, Piedmont Women's Center
Thank you so much for speaking here at HeartReach for our fundraising banquet. You did a tremendous job drawing our guests in and letting them see what we do and why they should support us. I was so pleased that even with the delay because of the dinner service we could finish as planned and respect our guests time. Your personal story was such a meaningful addition to the evening. I personally was touch and have heard many say it touched them also. The way that you presented the “Ask” was an improvement from what we had done before. It was so clear and really challenged the audience to give in a sacrificial way. I really appreciated all that you did for us from coming in early and meeting with the area pastors to giving of your time and talent the night of the event. I am sure that you have already heard that the banquet was the most we have ever raised. It was more than double the amount that was raised last year! Thank you so much for giving to HeartReach!
Patti Price
Events Coordinator, HeartReach Center
Words cannot express the spiritual atmosphere throughout the evening of our 11th Annual pregnancy resource center banquet! And Dr. Reccord was the icing on the cake!! He was amazing. We are still hearing reports from our guests of how exciting our speaker was. They think he was the best! And I do too. God bless you for sharing your gift and passion for life with us. We hope to see you again soon in the near future. The amount raised was the most we’ve every raised in the history of banquets at the Center.
Kimberly Banks, LAS
Executive Director
First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center
602 Main Street - Texarkana, TX 75501
This past September at our yearly banquet Bob Reccord delivered a very powerful and informative message that all life is important in the eyes of God. We had over 260 people attend this year and received nothing but positive responses to the message of hope that pregnancy centers like our self bring to today’s society. With California’s unemployment rate being over 12%, Bob was still able to make a difference at this fundraising banquet. He helped in raising $75,000 and connecting us with 10 possible new volunteers, multiple businesses who are willing to do fundraisers for us in the year to come and many pastors who have decided to commit to our vital ministry for life. Thank you Bob for a job well done.
Jan Hallam
Executive Director,Care Net Women’s Resource Center of North County in Lancaster, CA
I have had the privilege of being involved with Carolina Pregnancy Center for many years. Our largest source of support has been from our annual banquet. We have had excellent speakers over the years from all across America. We recently had Bob Reccord as the speaker for our pregnancy resource center banquet. He was the most effective speaker that we have ever had. I have been to every one of the banquets and He was outstanding. He connected with the people. He had great content and we had the best financial response in our history by far. This happened while we are in the midst of an economic crisis. Bob is a close friend and I knew He would do a good job, but it went far beyond even my expectations. God used him in a great way that evening. If you are looking for someone that will challenge your people, get them excited about making commitments, cause them to leave excited about what the Lord has done, Bob Reccord can certainly do for you what He did for us.
Dr. Mike Hamlet
Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Church
North Spartanburg, SC
It is with great excitement that I endorse Dr. Bob Reccord as your speaker for your next crisis pregnancy center fundraiser. I knew that the Lord was bringing His man to us when Dr. Reccord called me months before our banquet to see how he and his wife Cheryl could pray for our banquet and for me personally. It was so refreshing to hear their heart for our ministry at Carolina Pregnancy Center. They wanted specific things to pray about for us. They also wanted to know everything about CPC and even stories so he could make his presentation as personal as possible. From the moment that he began to speak my first reaction was WOW! It was apparent to everyone that Dr. Reccord was anointed for this night! He spoke with great power but also with tender compassion, especially for women and men who had experienced past abortions. He also used humor and a power point to convery his message. For a visual learner this was a wonderful tool. But it was his own story that touched the hearts of all who attended. Yet, when it is all said and done, unless you can raise money, you just have a nice evening with good food and fellowship. Dr. Reccord hit it out of the park for Carolina Pregnancy Center! The Lord used him to raise the MOST money that we have EVER done at a pregnancy resource center banquet! It was not high pressure. His approach was such that people were happy to give! We have not heard one negative comment from the 1000 people in attendance! I would strongly urge you to invite Dr. Reccord to come to your banquet and communicate his message of life to your donors. He and Cheryl will be a delight and refreshment to your hearts.
Alexia Newman, Executive Director
Carolina Pregnancy Center
In the 16 years I have served with ComfortCare, I have never had the speaker's wife pray with me during the appeal. Bob and Cheryl are the real deal, genuine, caring servants of the Lord. Countless banquet attendees remarked that Bob was the best speaker we ever had. Bob is an outstanding public speaker, but more importantly, he is an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ. When Bob gave the appeal, many of our donors remarked that they felt the Holy Spirit leading them to double and in some cases triple their original gift amount. I highly recommend Bob as a guest speaker for any Christian or pro-life fundraising event. The Lord blessed our ministry financially and in eternal ways in the hearts of every man and woman in attendance. Cheryl and Bob gave us a wealth of knowledge, feedback, and experience for how to make our events even more successful. They partnered with us and gave over 150% effort. I would be glad to answer any questions or to discuss this further and would welcome the opportunity to bless Bob and Cheryl back for all they have ministered to me, my family, and this ministry.
Deborah Fann, President/CEO
ComfortCare Women's Health Center, Staunton, VA
As an Executive Director for a Pregnancy Care Center, I realize the balance that we strive for at our Fund Raising banquet. If you are like me, you want someone who can bring a passionate, personal message along with a professional impact upon the social issues brought about by abortion. We look for someone who is working to make a difference as well as someone who has a personal story. Dr. Bob Reccord brings both to the ministry of Pregnancy Care Centers. Besides, he just “gets” where we live on a daily basis within our Centers where we battle a society determined to distort or ignore our message and the church that is all too frequently too apathetic to listen. I heartily recommend Dr. Bob to raise the church’s awareness as well as the funds to support the ministry.
Sue Chess, Exec. Director,
CareNet Pregnancy Services of the Treasure Coast
I heard Bob Reccord speak at the CareNet Conference in Nashville, TN a few years ago and immediately knew that we needed to have him as a keynote speaker for our banquet. In God’s perfect timing, Bob addressed a gathering of our faithful supporters on April 3, 2008. I have never seen a speaker reach out to our attendees as Bob did. He was in the lobby of the banquet hall before the doors even opened chatting with our supporters. In his speech, he so clearly articulated why Americans should be involved in pro-life work, ending with a moving personal story about struggles he has faced in his own life. He spoke with such conviction and passion. It was as though he had been working with us in the trenches day in and day out. There is no doubt that everyone in attendance left the banquet knowing that Dr. Robert Reccord passionately supported the work of the Lowcountry Pregnancy Center. Dr. Reccord was truly one of the best banquet speaker’s we have ever had. His passion for our cause was so obvious. It was as though he worked side by side with us at the pregnancy center each day. He did a great job mingling with our supporters before and after the event. Dr. Reccord gave the Financial Challenge for us and he did it in a manner that caught our supporter’s attention while also stretching their faith. We raised more funds per person than we have with any other speaker ($64 more per person) and this increase per person is the largest that we have ever had! I would highly recommend Dr. Reccord as a speaker at any event. In fact, we hope to have him back in a few years!
Faye Hil, Executive Director
Lowcountry CPC - Charleston, SC
Dr. Bob Reccord’s presentation at our fundraising pregnancy resource center banquet covered all the bases. He informed us about life issues in an engaging way. He challenged us with atrocities from history when too many were silent or did nothing. He finished us off with his personal heart touching story. Many of our guests said this was our best banquet ever and we agree! This banquet also brought in more funds than any previous banquet!
Dion McAlarney, Director
Safe Harbor Women’s Resource Center, Pensacola, FL
“Excellent speaker”, “Great presentation”, “Wonderful keynote”, “Outstanding”, and “Very impacting” These are just a few of the comments I received following Dr. Bob Reccord’s address for our fund raising banquet. As an executive director I am thoroughly impressed with the genuine concern Dr. Reccord expressed for our ministry. He and his wife combed through the crowd before the banquet meeting, greeting, and making connections with my attendees. He then referred to those personal connections during the presentation which made it more intimate for our banquet guests. What a rare treasure for a banquet speaker in my experience of over twenty-five banquets. Dr. Reccord's pro-life message is riveting. His years of ministry experience and his personal testimony of God's intervention is icing on the cake. He did a fantastic job of marrying his Christ-centered pro-life message to the local ministry of our pregnancy center. Of course, I believe this marriage stirred donors to provide the greatest financial outcome for a fund raising event for our center. I wholeheartedly encourage pro-life ministries to invite Dr. Reccord as a keynote speaker for a fund-raising event you will not soon forget.
Patrick K. Eades, Director
Care Net Pregnancy Center of Coastal Georgia
Thanks again for speaking at LifeCare’s Evening of Celebration banquet. We are still receiving comments: “Awesome speaker." “Phenomenal!” "This is your best banquet yet!” “Thrilling!” “He had my complete attention.” Our guests and volunteers, whose ages range from 12 years to 75 years, are still talking about the LifeCare banquet, April 28, 2007! Your genuine encouragement and passion for our ministry to mothers, babies, families, touched us deeply. EVERY life IS Made To Count, and you spoke this truth so beautifully. Thank you so much!
Dana Hobson, Director
LifeCare Services West Lafayette, IN
Rarely do I have the opportunity to pass along a recommendation in which I feel so strongly. If you are looking for a speaker at your fund-raising event this coming year or beyond, Bob would provide a compelling story and effective challenge to support your work. As you know, my heart is to minister to women and families. I am so blessed to offer others the encouragement of God’s promises of hope, healing, wholeness, protection and love that I have received in Christ. Bob shares a similar passion for life and for encouraging all of us to understand that our lives were made to count. Bob is a gifted speaker, author and businessman. He’s led one of the world’s largest mission agencies encouraging men and women to live a life of passion. Bob Reccord is one of the most effective speakers I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. His personal story of adoption will move his audience to action as he touches their hearts and spirits. This year he has spoken to over 125,000 men at Promise Keepers events across the nation. As we are all on the same team concerning abortion, adoption, post-abortive healing, and abstinence, I highly recommend Bob Reccord if you are looking for a speaker that will touch lives and make an impact for the future of your ministry to women and their families.
Jennifer O’Neill
President, Jennifer O’Neill Ministries
Bob Reccord was our keynote speaker for this year's fundraising pregnancy resource center banquet. He has a unique ability to speak directly to the issue that we're all about--not just around the issue. That's a hard thing to do. After the event, we were flooded with positive comments from those in attendance. God used Bob Reccord's message coupled with our program to provide an overwhelming response both financially and through other support for our center. We highly recommend Bob Reccord.
Michelle Osborne, Director
LaGrange (GA) Pregnancy Resource Center
Those who attended Amazing Grace Adoptions Annual Fundraising pregnancy resource center Banquet on October 26, 2006 were powerfully moved to hear the powerful testimony of Dr. Bob Reccord. His testimony affirmed God's beautiful plan of adoption. Bob Reccord challenged each attendee to trust God in their giving to support the ministry of placing children in Christian families. This years giving significantly exceeded any previous year…to God be the glory! One couple in attendance stated that they loved hearing Bob Reccord and were so happy to see his excitement as he delivered his testimony.
Donna, Director
Amazing Grace Adoption Agency
The compliments just haven’t stopped coming. Your message touched so many hearts. I would whole-heartedly recommend you o any pregnancy resource center who is looking for a speaker to inspire and motivate the audience. I believe that the impact of your words will be remembered for a lifetime. Thanks you for being obedient to God by making yourself available to this ministry.
Carol Stout, Executive Director
First Choice Pregnancy Center
Cape Coral, FL
Miami Valley Women’s Center was thrilled to have Dr. Bob Reccord as the keynote speaker at our recent Gala. Dr. Reccord was wonderful to work with as we made plans for the Gala. He obviously cared about our ministry and what we needed. His presentation was wonderful, he is well-informed, passionate, and understands how to communicate well with a large audience and delivers an on-point message. We received many positive comments from our guests with many saying this was the best Gala ever which was evident from our donations. To date we have received $63,000 OVER our “stretch” faith goal! We are amazed and grateful to Dr. Reccord. And I would recommend him to speak for your ministry and center without reservation. All of us need communicators who can “draw the net” as well as Bob can as we battle daily to save every life possible.
Sheri Lawson, Executive Director
Miami Valley Women's Center
Dayton, OH