Marriage Conferences

In a day when marriages are coming apart at the seams at record rates, Bob and Cheryl Reccord are committed to be two voices calling couples to experience what God meant marriage to be at its best.  Having been married for over 49 years Bob and Cheryl have experienced a lot…children, grandchildren, heartache, setbacks, successes, joys, and much more.  And they hold nothing back.  As presenters they have no desire to present an image of “we have it all together.”  Rather, they have you laughing one minute and sobbing the next as they vulnerably and honestly walk you through the God-give principles for successful marriages that they have discovered. If you are looking for a “marriage counseling near me” then this is the best go to option.

Bob and Cheryl believe God gave his Word to be our Owner’s Manual…by it God means for us to learn how to operate at maximum effectiveness and avoid major breakdowns.  But He doesn’t force it on us…we have to make our choice, whether we will trust and obey, or choose to ignore God’s blueprint. Bob and Cheryl Reccord provide the perfect couple retreats for the young couples these days. See your partner in a new ray of sunlight with the help of a marriage counseling to get you through the difficult times in a relationship. Couple retreats are one of the best ways to bond together stronger than ever.

Join Bob in Cheryl as they journey through such issues as …

God’s Ways to Address Conflict…Before You Kill Each Other!

Modeling To Your Kids, and Not Just Telling Them

Getting to the Other Side of Father Wounds

Forgiving, Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Four Steps To Marital Tragedy That Can Be Avoided

Book Bob and Cheryl today for a marriage conference where you are and don’t forget to check the Bookstore. You  can also read interview of these two about safeguarding marriage.

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marriage counseling
Bob and Cheryl believe God gave his Word to be our Owner’s Manual...

Marriage Counseling Sessions Include:

Discover the Hidden Treasure—Marriage as it was meant to be
Limited liability…..or unlimited opportunity?
Journey Through the Unpredictable Jungle—Viva le Difference!
How to be happily incompatible!
Steering Clear of the Shipwreaks That Can Destroy Your Marriage
Guarding your Heart……and your Home!
Marriage Counseling Can Help You Stepping into the Unknown!
Without this element—your marriage is on shaky ground!
WHY!!! Does He/She Do That? (optional session—w/assessment tool)
Understanding the Uniqueness of your Mate
I am most excited to commend the ministry of Bob and Cheryl Reccord. Several adjectives come to mind as I think about the marriage conference they recently conducted at our church: biblical, energetic, relevant, versatile, fun, moving ... just to name a few. The Reccords' ministry with us was a turning point for many marriages. All of us came away refreshed in the lifelong journey of marriage. Bob and Cheryl Reccord are two of God's choice messengers to families in these perilous days.
Michael Dean, Senior Pastor
Travis Avenue Baptist Church
Fort Worth, Texas

Conference Scheduling Options

Option 1– Friday evening through Saturday noon Friday
7:00—8:15 pm Session 1 – Opening
8:15—8:30 Break
8:30—9:30 Session 2
8:00—8:30am coffee
8:30—9:45 Session 3
9:45—10:45 Break-for Snacks—Q&A time can be part of the break
10:45—12:00 Session 4
Ending w/ renewal of wedding vows
If the optional session w/ assessment tool is desire here, it would be as the first session on Saturday morning, and the conference extended until 2:30 w/ lunch added
Option 2  Sunday only
Sunday morning services—Bob preaches in main worship service
Discover the Hidden Treasure: Marriage As It Was Meant To Be-
Sunday Afternoon
4:00—5:15 Session 2
5:15—5:30 Break
5:15—6:30 Session 3
6:30—7:45 Snack Supper with Q&A
7:45—8:30 Session 4
Option 3—Sunday and Monday evening
Sunday morning services—Bob preaches in main worship service
(please allow 40-45 minutes for speaking—he will cover
Discovering the Hidden Treasure:  Marriage As It Was Meant To Be-
Sunday Evening
5:00—6:15 Session 2
6:15—7:30 Snack Supper: assessment tool given and filled out
7:45—9:00 Session 3
Monday Evening
7:00—8:15 Session 4
8:15-8:30 break
8:30-9:30 Session 5