Men’s Conference

The other evening as I listened to Bob Reccord speak, I was thrilled to see and hear the blend of craft, passion, clear compunction and the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Holy Spirit used this servant to call many men to the altar. Powerful truth, powerful personality, powerful illustrations and a powerful Spiritual reliance on the Lord. The man, Bob Reccord, the Mission-Evangelism.
Tom Fortson
President, Promise Keepers-2006
EVERY Church ought to have Dr. Bob Reccord for a Men’s event! Bob had several hundred men at the edge of their seat as he used his wonderful sense of humor and sound Scriptural teaching to sound the alarm concerning the real dangers of sexual immorality. Pastor, men of every age need to know what is Beneath the Surface.
Dr. C. Alan Floyd
Senior Pastor, Cottage Hill Baptist Church
Mobile, AL
Do you want your event to be the kind that changes the lives of participants forever? Do you want to see marriages saved, hope restored and, most of all, people taken off the broad path to hell and set upon the narrow road to heaven? This is what happened when we had Dr. Bob Reccord and his wife Cheryl speak at our ZonaMEN (Arizona Men) state-wide retreat. I cannot find strong enough words to express how grateful I am to them for coming, or how strongly I recommend you use them for your events. Running big events can feel like there are so many hurdles to overcome. Can a man with that much experience speak to the younger generations we are trying to reach? Dr. Reccord absolutely did. Can a man from the context of the Southeast address the life issues and culture of our Western audience? Dr. Reccord absolutely did. Can an elder statesman of the church give off the energy needed to maintain the attention of today’s audiences? Oh boy, Dr. Reccord absolutely did! In fact, I have never seen anyone give off as much energy as Bob did during his presentations. Not just that, he remained under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Yes, he came prepared with full outlines and booklets to help the men learn everything being taught, but when the Holy Spirit prompted he changed moved straight to a gospel presentation. More than 15% of the room made first commitments, or renewed and deepened their surrender to Christ as Savior and Lord. Then when we felt it couldn’t get any better, the next message almost 20% of the room committed to restoring what was broken in their relationships. I do not believe there is any barrier that would hinder Dr. Reccord from reaching your audience. And Cheryl knocked it out of the park with our men speaking on What Every Wife Wants and Needs! When you have done everything you can do, you will leave it in God’s hands, and you can rest assured that Dr. Reccord is a speaker that will be used by God to bring fruit from your preparations.
Charles “Chip” Short
Pastor, FBC, Fort Mohave, AZ
Director, 2021 Zona Men’s Retreat
Bob Reccord embodies leadership. A powerful communicator with major executive roles in his portfolio, he leads with the skillfulness of his hands and the integrity of his heart. For years, Bob (and Cheryl too) have made the organizations they've lead better, compared to when they arrived. Bob is a leader's friend. He has pastored, coached and consulted with some of the world's most strategically placed leaders. Over the years, as his respect level has grown, Bob has faithfully listened, learned and lead. The compounding affect has resulted in him becoming a leader of leaders. He speaks annually to thousands of people from a variety of a circles. He engages audiences related to issues of family and culture from a Biblical worldview and is always, always, faithful to the Gospel. I have been blessed to work with Bob over the years. In those environments, he has always placed the needs of others above himself. Bright, engaging, and relevant. Just three of many affirming words to describe a really choice servant in the Kingdom of God.
Dr. John D Hull
Eastside Baptist Church, Marietta, Ga
Bob is a very gifted and anointed preacher of the Gospel. His outstanding character and humility, as well as his evangelistic zeal was apparent to all of our men. Southside Baptist Church recently had the privilege of having Bob as a keynote speaker at our Men’s Conference. Bob’s message was clear, compelling and convicting. He truly cared about reaching the hearts of our men. God greatly used Bob as we saw sixteen men make a personnel decision to surrender their lives to Christ! I have received many follow-up comments regarding the positive impact of Bob’s message. I highly recommend Bob Reccord for your next Men’s Conference or Wild Game Feast. Your men will be eternally impacted!
Stacy Stafford
Senior Pastor First Baptist Church Dothan, Al
Bob Reccord is a trusted friend, a seasoned leader, an accomplished outdoors man and a man with a passion to see men know Christ and then make Him known through both their life and their lip. I highly recommend Bob to anyone wanting their men to be not only challenged, but changed. I have watched as Bob has spoken to over 185,000 men in the last 5 years (2011) and the impact has been big. That is why he has been regularly invited to speak at our annual men's conference at First Baptist Woodstock, where his breakout is regularly among the top attended and the evaluations off the chart. He’s also done our Wild Game Dinner. I would highly recommend Bob, and do regularly, to any church or men's group who are serious about raising up Men of Valor who will impact their world starting in their own home. He'll not only speak to you men but will be the last guy to leave as long as someone needs to talk with him. Take my word for it, you won't be disappointed.
Dr. Johnny Hunt
Senior Pastor First Baptist Church Woodstock, Ga
It is without reservation that I encourage all of my fellow pastors to have Dr. Bob Reccord and his Becoming a Man of Valor Conference in your church. I can personally testify that our church has never had a men's conference that produced better results. Numerous salvations, potential new members and a new spirit of unity among our men all point to the worthiness of this event. He will lift your men to another level and they will thank you for it!
Dr. Richard Lee
Founding Pastor of First Redeemer Church
Editor, The American Patriot's Bible
Cumming, Ga.
The "BECOMING A MAN OF VALOR CONFERENCE" was just what our men needed...and we need more of it! It was a no-holds-barred, man to man presentation of what God says a man of valor looks like. Men need this. The church needs this.
Pastor Darryl Evetts
Lead Pastor, Frontline Community Ramstein Germany
Bob Reccord is a great Preacher, Teacher, Evangelist, Revivalist, Consultant, Author and Speaker. He is a consistent source of help and encouragement to the Men's Ministry at his home church, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia. He has preached here, spoken at Sportsmen's Banquets, led large Breakout Sessions at Johnny Hunt Men's Conferences and has invaluably contributed as he has ministered to thousands of men. Without reservation and with enthusiasm, I recommend Bob to your church and ministry. He will be a blessing to you as he has been to us.
Neil E. Brown
Minister of Pastoral Care and Men's Ministry
Becoming a Man of Valor has been a turning point for our Men's Ministry at First Baptist Norfolk. The weekend itself was laser beam focused, energy filled, and powerful in the lives of many of our men. Since the weekend conference, we have seen men gathering in groups all over the city as they have lived out the commitments made to encourage and strengthen one another and to become students of God's Word together. On a personal level, I attended with two of my teenage sons. They loved the weekend and we are continuing to meet with our group that we established during the weekend conference. What a blessing to spend time together in God's word with a group of men who are committed to growing in their walk with Jesus. It is an even greater joy to share this time with your sons! Thanks, Bob for the challenge to all of us!"
Phillip Herring
Associate Pastor for Education First Baptist Church of Norfolk
Words cannot express the impact Dr. Bob Reccord has had on the Men’s Ministry and entire church family of Mount Zion Baptist Church. Life changing testimonies of husbands with new direction in life and wives with new husbands for life are coming in daily. The way Dr. Reccord connects with men can only be explained by a special anointing! If you are even considering a Men’s Conference, I assure you that you will be truly blessed by using Dr. Bob Reccord. He is an encourager to the pastors, a passionate communicator at the conference and a personal friend to every man that attends!
Garry Ragsdale
Pastor, Mount Zion Baptist Church
Alexandria, AL
We were so excited to host the Becoming A Man of Valor event this year. The men walked away with a deeper commitment to Christ and passion for His pleasure. The most exciting element has been the small group meetings where men meet together for encouragement and accountability. These small groups continue to meet, even months after the event. I can say that our church is stronger because of Becoming A Man of Valor.
Eric Thomas
Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Church Norfolk
Recently I had an opportunity with a large number of men in our church to attend a men's conference led by Bob Reccord. It was an outstanding experience. I watched the Lord move in so many lives of our men’s lives. Our group was extremely diverse, yet the message that Bob shared seemed to touch them right at the point of their need. It promoted openness and a deeper level of commitment in these men that I had not seen before. Our men are still talking bout it. They are trying to implement the biblical principles that Bob shared and it has caused many others to say they wish they had taken advantage of this opportunity. God has given to Bob a special ability to speak to men. They see him as being genuine and transparent. His ability to communicate biblical principles and help men apply them, using his experience and creativity is outstanding.
Dr. Mike Hamlet Sr. Pastor
First Baptist Church North Spartanburg
There are few things in ministry that will influence the entire church like a vibrant and dynamic men’s ministry. Yet the biggest obstacle to starting and maintaining one is a passion-filled foundation that connects men with men and men with God. One of the best tools I have ever seen is the BECOMING A MAN OF VALOR conferences provided through the ministries of Dr. Bob Reccord. Everything from the planning, preparations, materials and organization that he provides to the actual men's conference are of the highest quality and spiritually inspiring. Dr. Reccord is one of the finest communicators that I have ever heard. He shares the principles and practices of the Word of God in a way that men understand and identify with. I highly recommend Dr. Bob Reccord and the BECOMING A MAN OF VALOR conferences. They will transform your men and your church.
Dr. Tim Patterson
Sr. Pastor, Hillcrest Baptist Church
Jacksonville, Fl
My men and I really enjoyed the “Men of Valor” conference. I had a lot of positive response. We have about 96% participation of the men who went to the conference who are meeting weekly. I’m getting a lot of great feed back about their weekly meetings! Amazing!! I think my men and other churches would really benefit his coming back next year. Bob you did an excellent job in speaking and leading the conference, and I would highly recommend it!
Dr. Kelly Burris
Pastor, Kempsville Baptist Church
Virginia Beach, Va
Thank you for the great weekend we had at the Fitzgerald Men’s Conference in which we registered over 400 people. We are a rural community and we are still feeling the excitement of that weekend. We are still receiving reports of men who went home changed husbands. In fact, many prayed with their wives for the first time in their marriage. Over 19 men made professions of faith. We are so glad you stayed over and spoke on Sunday morning at Arbor Church. There were six decisions in that service. It was obvious that God’s Spirit was upon you and working through you. We can’t wait until you are with us again. You certainly know how to reach men!
Lloyd Stembridge
Pastor, Arbor Baptist Church
Fitzgerald, Ga
The BECOMING A MAN OF VALOR Conference, designed and taught by Dr. Bob Reccord, was the most successful men’s conference in the history of First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida. With humor, transparency, and scriptural insights Bob drilled and filled our guys to become heroes in the home and warriors in the world. He ‘left no man behind.’”
Dr. Hayes Wicker
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church
Naples, F
If ever I have met a man that speaks to men it is Dr. Bob Reccord. We hosted a Men of Valor Conference, and the results were incredible. This conference breathed new life into many of our men and sharpened the rest. Dr. Bob brings life and the Bible together in ways that teach, convict, and renew. I am thankful for his investment in our men, our church, and this Pastor. I would recommend this conference to any church seeking to bring life change to their men. Also, Dr. Bob and his staff were immensely helpful in making this conference happen. They walk with you from the sign up, through build up, and to the follow up. If you are planning a men’s conference, I urge you to call Total Life Impact and Dr. Bob Reccord. You will be blessed by the experience.
Joe Newton
Former Sr. Pastor, Arlington Baptist Church
Jacksonville, F
The “Becoming a Man of Valor” conference with Bob Reccord was the most enjoyable, challenging, inspiring, and motivating experiences for men I have ever been a part of. Bob has a unique way of speaking into the lives of men that is biblical, relevant, and engaging. Our men are still talking about how God worked in their hearts and homes through this conference. In fact, 100% of our men who attended have agreed to form small groups that meet at various times during the next six weeks to hold each other accountable for becoming a man of valor! Our church will never be the same because Bob came our way. We look forward to partnering with him again in the future.
Ricky Powel
Sr. Pastor, Fort Caroline Baptist Church
Jacksonville, Fl
“It is rare that a church has the opportunity to bring in a gifted communicator that can connect with men where they struggle, hurt, and battle every single day. Bob Record is certainly that rare individual. Bob challenged, counseled, encouraged, and equipped our men to take on the overwhelming issues that face men in the 21st century. Bob has the ability to take God’s word and make it as relevant as the latest issue of “Entrepreneur Magazine”. You will want Bob Record in your church to be used of God to transform your men into champions for Christ.”
Greg Davidson
Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church Naples
We attended the “Becoming a Man of Valor” conference with 100 men from our church. Following that, we have two classes involved in the 6-session expanded ongoing study. In addition, several small groups are using the curriculum. This study has been perfect for our guys. Reports from men continue to come in. Many are experiencing growth in their walk with Christ. Several have begun praying with their families daily. Others have started a short time of devotions with their wives. Some have even been transparent enough to confess that they weren’t involved in a quiet time at all and now they’ve begun. A few have shared how they have struggled with pornography and through God’s deliverance, they are being made new. Several of our men have now become involved in groups committed to accountability. This study has been extremely effective in opening the door for us to bring to light so many important topics relating to men.
Ken Mayfield
Communications Minister First Baptist North Spartanburg
Recently we participated in "Becoming A Man of Valor" conference led by Bob Reccord. Our goal was to have 100 men attend and hopefully agree to a six week small group discipleship process. We exceeded our goals and are now running 116% of the attendance to the conference in small groups. This is amazing! I must admit that in all my years of pastoring I have never seen these kinds of results when it comes to a men's conference. I have become a little skeptical about an event that we support but we see very little fruit from in the lives of men. Well, thanks to Bob Reccord's unique heart for men's ministry and his heart for the local church we are extremely satisfied with these results. I want to strongly encourage you to take advantage of any opportunity to have to have my friend Bob Reccord in your church especially in calling men to a life of valor. The men who attend have a deeper love for Jesus, a stronger hunger for God's word and a courageous desire to lead their families in our church. Bob connects and then grounds men in the Word of God and the local church. Bob is one of the best friends a pastor can have.
Ed Litton
Sr. Pastor, North Mobile Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama
As the Men’s Minister at Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida, I encourage your church and ministry to consider Bob Reccord as a speaker and preacher for a Men’s conference. Our church sponsored a Men’s conference called “Being a Man of Valor” in April 08’. Over 900 men attended (representing 15 churches, 5 different denominations) our conference, and 37 men made public decisions to accept Christ. Bob knows how to encourage and challenge men to get honest with God and to reach out to one another in grace. Many men, who attended found deliverance, restored their marriages, connected with other men for accountability, and renewed their commitment to Christ. Bob’s heart and love for men is evident in his preaching, his lifestyle, and his ability to understand what men are daily battling. Bob knows how to speak to Christian men and to unbelieving men the truths of God’s word in a man’s way that result in changed lives. One great way to show your men that you care and understand them is to contact Bob Reccord about coming to your church.
Gary Payne
Men's Ministry, Bell Shoals Baptist Church
Brandon, FL
Bob spoke at our 2008 Men’s Retreat and really hit it out of the park. He connected with our men early into his first message because he was so transparent and vulnerable. His messages were both biblical and practical and the Lord used him to impact many men during the weekend. I plan on having him come back in the near future.
Mike Kahn
Former Minister to Adults, Idlewild Baptist Church
Lutz, Fl
Probing . . . personal . . . practical . . . powerful! Our Men’s Conference with Dr. Bob Reccord was a weekend our men are still raving about. Bob’s intense biblical and practical messages gripped men’s hearts. Authenticity, transparency and relevancy from Bob riveted the men’s attention the entire weekend to life-giving truth. It really was a timely and transformational experience that has deeply enriched and impacted our fellowship! Our men loved it!
Dr. Keith Thomas
Former Sr. Pastor, Cottage Hill Baptist Church
Mobile, AL
One of the most significant weekends in the life our church was our Men of Valor Conference with Dr. Bob Reccord. Our men continue to comment to me that their lives were eternally touched by this meaningful weekend. From that time with Dr. Reccord, a group of men have developed an accountability group using one of Dr. Reccord's books as their curriculum, and they are experiencing phenomenal spiritual growth. Looking back over the last year of our church, nothing has surpassed the Men of Valor Conference for lasting impact on the men and ultimately the families of West Jackson Baptist Church. Bob Reccord challenged our men to be Godly people, Godly partners, Godly parents and ultimately Godly pastors as they shepherd those under their sphere of influence. His illustrations were both vivid and relevant. As a pastor, I was impressed with the way Bob identified with our men. Rarely will you see a man strip the veneer of his life and get vulnerable with those to whom he is speaking; that is exactly what Bob did with our men. It is with tremendous confidence that I recommend to you and your church the Men of Valor Conference with Dr. Bob Reccord. Your church will be stronger for investing in the men of your congregation. I am confident that if you have a Men of Valor Conference in your church, you will be glad you did.
Wendell C. Lang
Sr. Pastor, Surrey Hills Baptist Church
Yukon, OK
Former Senior Pastor, West Jackson Baptist Church
Jackson, Tn
Dr. Bob Reccord was our keynote speaker at the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference held on our church campus Sept. 22, 2007. he spoke during our morning session with such passion and concern that at the time of invitation, twelve precious men came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. I asked him to speak on Sunday morning and many of our people were deeply touched by his message and obvious sincerity and love for the Lord. He made himself available to us throughout the entire conference and many men expressed their sincere appreciation for Dr. Bob’s quality time spent with them. On a personal note, he called me just a few days ago and asked about some very personal issues I had shared with him and he prayed with me over the phone. We really connected together and I am very grateful for a man of God who is completely transparent and open to the Lord’s leading. I would recommend him with the highest regard and gratitude. May God richly bless him as he serves the Lord so faithfully.
Pastor Paul
Beresfordk Tequesta’s First Baptist Church
Tequesta, FL
I personally recommend Dr. Bob Reccord. Recently, we were privileged to have Bob as our special guest speaker for our annual Men’s Summit. I found him to be of the highest caliber in the presentation of his message, speaking with conviction and truth. Bob was courteous and friendly to those of us hosting the event, as well as those in attendance. He was very willing to speak with everyone, and to whatever depth they needed. His desire to help in any and every way was very evident. His wife, Cheryl, and other office personnel were extremely courteous to our every need…keeping us abreast of all necessary arrangements. January 2008 was our 4th annual event. The previous year we had 230-240 men in attendance with 20 churches represented. With Bob as the main speaker, we were privileged to have over 500 men, and 39 different churches participating. I highly recommend Bob as a speaker and motivator.
Mark Daubenmire
Founder Men’s Summit, Urbancrest Baptist Church
Lebanon, OH
We’re still feeling the impact! Bob Reccord did a great job of getting to the hearts of the men. I was personally impacted and have heard from many men who were moved as well. Five weeks have passed since the event and men are still referring to the fact that they need to work on the things that are ‘below the water line’ in their lives. They are also still talking about the emotion with which Bob shared about God’s work in his own life and the lives of his family members as they have been ‘forged in the fire’. Bob’s ability to use God’s Word and storytelling to stir the passion of men is remarkable and lasting. I’m looking forward to my next opportunity to be challenged and encouraged by Dr. Recccord.
Mike Young
Founder, Noble Warriors