Ending the Cycle of Father Wounds

Father Wounds

We’re excited to announce the ENDING THE CYCLE OF FATHER WOUNDS Self-Assessment Tool.

In ENDING THE CYCYLE OF FATHER WOUNDS you will discover how many families have arrived at a point where Father Wounds are recognized to be an issue within the family culture. You’ll find a self-administered Father Wounds Assessment Tool which you can use to help determine if Father Wounds may play a role in your history, so that you may take helpful and beneficial steps to assure they don’t negatively impact your future, or your family.  The self-assessment instrument is not inerrant, nor a cure-all, but a helpful indicator of background “baggage” and “warning light” indicator.  Dr. Rick Fowler, a Christian therapist/counselor with over 35,000 hours of helping people address the challenges and issues in their life constructed the instrument.  He now serves on faculty at Truett-McConnell University in Georgia. 

Additionally, the instrument is found in the third chapter of the book, and you’ll find helpful restorative steps which can be taken to move toward healing from the relational  “infections” resulting from Father Wounds.

You can order the book Right Here and it will be shipped to you, for yourself…or someone you care about.