Wild Game Dinner

Dr. Reccord did an outstanding job of communicating the gospel and connecting with our people. He related well and gave an engaging presentation of the gospel to all who attended. As a result of him being with us we had many decisions that were made that we are currently following up on. I highly recommend him to you for your next sportsman banquet or wild game dinner.
Dr. Ronnie Falvey
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Madison, MS
Our church just had Bob Reccord speak at our 16th annual Men’s Wild Game Dinner. His ability to connect with men in that setting was remarkable. He was very engaging and practical, had them laughing in one moment and confronted with the claims of Christ in the next. The message of the gospel was clear and compelling. It was no surprise that many of the men responded to the call to follow Christ…23 accepted Christ and 93 renewed their surrender and vowed to raise the bar of their walk with Christ, for a total of 116 decisions! I highly recommend his ministry!
Chris Ware
Asst. Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Red Bank, TN
It is a real honor to recommend Dr. Bob Reccord to host your next Wild Game Dinner/Sportsman Event. Bob not only has the passion for the outdoors like many in your community, but God has gifted him in connecting the outdoors to those in attendance which allows him to be able to give a strong gospel presentation. Each time Bob has spoken at our Sportsman's Expo, we have seen a significant number of individuals accept Christ!
Dr. Craig Whitt
Associate Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Clinton, TN
I thank God for allowing us to have Bob Reccord be a part of our annual Wild Game dinner this year. His experience as a hunter gave him an inroad to those who attended in an incredible way. His passion for Jesus was first and foremost, then paired with that inroad, God used him to present the gospel to those men and boys where they live. Many men indicated they prayed to receive Christ. To God be the glory! One of our older Deacons, who is a soul-winner, came to me after the service and said, “That’s the clearest I’ve ever heard the Gospel presented”. What a blessing. Thanks again Bob. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bob to anyone, any church or ministry.
Jamie Parker
Min. of Worship, Bayside Baptist Church Harrison, TN
It is a joy and a privilege for me to recommend to you Dr. Bob Reccord for your Wild Game dinner, Sportsman’s Event, or Special Emphasis in your church. Bob has been with us twice (2012 and 2016) at the Sweetwater Baptist Church. He has done an outstanding job on both occasions and many accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. In our most recent event so many people responded that it completely filled the front and backed up aisles. He is a gifted communicator and wonderful encourager. His presentation of the Gospel message is exciting, humorous, motivating, and dynamic. In this visual age, Bob includes some great visuals that draw people in! He gives a clear and passionate invitation and has a unique ability to “draw the net.” You will be greatly blessed by his anointed ministry and evangelistic appeal. I recommend him to you without any hesitation or reservation.
Dr. Paul W. Noe
Pastor, Sweetwater Baptist Church
Bob Reccord did a fantastic job at our Outdoorsmen's Feast connecting with a very diverse crowd. His humor had everyone laughing, his stories captivated their attention, but the best portion of the night was when he shared the gospel and gave the invitation to respond. Many people made first time decisions to believe in Jesus and to take a stand on their belief. It was not only a great victory that we celebrated over, but was also a great encouragement to our men's ministry team, our staff and pastors…If you are looking for a someone who can connect with your crowd, share the gospel in a clear manner and will not drop the ball at the most critical time of the event, the invitation, then there's no hesitation on our part in recommending Bob Reccord as your next speaker.
Sterling Lynn
Adult Evangelism and Men’s Ministries
Blackshear Place Baptist Church
With over 3100 men and boys of all ages at our Wild Game Dinner, Bob Reccord was on target with his creativity, humor and hard-hitting delivery. Scores of men responded with life-changing decisions! If you’re hunting for a speaker, I recommend him for your event.
Mark Harrison
Pastor, First Baptist Church, Gardendale, AL
After having fifteen men profess Jesus as Lord and Savior during our "Wild Game Supper" with Bob Reccord our church went into an instant revival. Word quickly spread throughout our town and every one is asking me to have Bob back as quickly as possible.
Dr. Ronnie Mayes
Former Sr. Pastor
Rose Hill Baptist Church, Ashland, KY
When Bob Reccord came to Thomasville, Georgia to speak at our annual Wild Game Dinner, something very special happened. The crowd of hunters and outdoorsmen included a wide age range and a great number of unchurched men, but they all listened intently to the message. I’ve never seen a speaker establish rapport with a group as quickly as Bob did. His humor was disarming, his passion for hunting was engaging, and his stories were exciting. I was most impressed by the clarity of his gospel presentation and evangelistic appeal. Bob Reccord hit the center of the mark with our men, and we saw scores of decisions for Christ. Thanks, Bob!
Dan Spencer, Sr. Pastor
First Baptist Church, Sevierville,TN
Former Sr. Pastor
First Baptist Church, Thomasville, GA
Bob Reccord is a man’s man. He speaks the truth of the Gospel in a way that connects with men from all walks of life. God really used Bob in our church in a powerful way.
Jimmy Scroggin
First Baptist Church, West Palm Beach, FL
Bob recently spoke at our Wild Game dinner and did a tremendous job. His humor and dramatic stories of hunts he had been on captured the attention of everyone. Bob is extremely gifted in presenting the gospel and extending a clear invitation to accept Christ. People were saved and lives were changed. Bob is a delight to work with and we will definitely have him back.
Steve Foster
Sr Pastor, First Baptist Church, Snellville, GA
If you have an opportunity to have Bob Reccord speak at a Wild Game dinner, please do so without delay. Bob’s hunting experiences, illustrations, and pinpoint accuracy with the gospel hit the center of the target in our church. We saw men come to Christ and other men who committed to “take it to another level” in their Christian walk. Bob applied the Word of God to the most crucial areas of a man’s life. From the moment Bob arrived, he was also a tremendous encouragement to pastor and staff. As I met with members of my staff two days later, we were rejoicing over the men that we were preparing to follow up on. Without reservation or hesitation, I recommend Bob Reccord’s ministry to you.
Andre' W. Dobson
Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Alton, IL
I want to commend to you the “outdoors” ministry of Bob Reccord. Bob was our guest speaker for a major outreach event targeting outdoorsmen. He did an excellent job of using his hunting experiences to illustrate spiritual truth and communicate the gospel. His message was uncompromising on the need of every individual to repent and place their faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ alone. At the two-night event he spoke to approximately 1500 persons and we saw 146 indicate a profession of faith in Christ as Savior and Lord. I would highly recommend Bob as your next speaker for such an event.
D. Lynn Hyatt
Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Church, Callahan, FL
I met Dr. Bob Reccord years ago and have always been deeply impressed by his humility and passion for the gospel. When we decided to do our first annual Beast Feast there was no question in my mind that he was the one I wanted speaking to the men in our community. While his is sense of humor, passion and conviction for the gospel are contagious, ultimately this is not what makes him effective for the Kingdom. Bob has something that cannot be manufactured, a deep anointing from the Holy Spirit. Many men have gifting, but not all are anointed by the Spirit in the way that he is. While Bob is a tremendously gifted communicator, he is more importantly a man of integrity who walks with His Savior. We saw 79 first time professions of faith and 209 recommitments to walk more faithfully with Christ as a result of his obedience and commitment to the gospel. If you are looking to do a wild game dinner, there is no other man I would recommend. When gifting and anointing meet, the Kingdom of Heaven advances with astounding power.
Luke Taylor, Lead Pastor
Veneration Church, Kalispell, MT
Bob did an excellent job of communicating the gospel in a compelling way, using his outdoor hunting experiences to drive home spiritual truths. He was a joy to work with, and I think in the 14 years I have run a sportsman’s banquet had more personal interest in us and what we were doing than any other speaker we have had come and share. He not only cared, he inquired about our responses, followed up with an after the banquet assessment, and really communicated his desire that our event would be successful in it’s ultimate goal of reaching the lost. I felt like Bob was a true partner in our event, and wasn’t just there to give his talk and then leave. I would highly recommend Bob as a speaker for your next event. You won’t regret it!
Jim Camp, New Hope Community Church Sportsman Banquet Servant
Travers City, MI