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I was honored to be acknowledged as one of the top 10 fundraising speakers for Pregnancy Resource Centers and LIFE causes across the country for 2023.  I am thankful to be a part of the Ambassador Team and a support to the many heroes who lead the amazing Pregnancy Resource Centers who daily fight to save babies, moms, and families!  I applaud them all!!

You can see more about the honor by clicking here.

One of those wonderful leaders is Jason Phillips who leads the Atlanta Care Center in the heart of the metropolitan area.  I recently had the privilege of speaking for him again and he wrote a wonderful endorsement:

“This is the second time we have invited Bob Reccord to be our Featured Speaker at our Annual Celebration Dinner.  Prior to our event this year, Bob and I spoke several times.

Bob knows pregnancy help ministry, but he wanted to know specifically about ours in Atlanta.  When he began his presentation, it was obvious to everyone that he knew Atlanta Care Center.  He knew our team, our uniqueness and missional focus, our challenges, and our specific needs for which we were raising funds. He was very well prepared.

His presentation was described as passionate, grace filled, and full of energy.  Bob is a gifted communicator and kept everyone’s attention with no trouble at all.  In my 24 years of experience, not all Featured Speakers are comfortable with the all-important appeal.  Sometimes, it can feel tacked on at the end of the evening.   Bob was equally as prepared for the ask as he was for his presentation.  It was not surprising that our guests responded as generously as they did!

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Bob Reccord to the fundraising community.  He was masterful at our event, and I’m quite sure he will be at yours.”

Jason D. Phillips, M.A. 
Atlanta Care Center, Inc.

No matter where you are on the Journey of Life, It’s not too late to live a life that matters. We want to help you get there.Our goal is intentional transformation for kingdom impact!

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Through their years of service in both the public, private and faith-based sectors, the Reccords have seen individuals and organizations experience life’s pinnacle while also seeing others give in to moral failure or decline. Whether speaking, coaching or consulting as individuals…or as a couple…Bob and Cheryl Reccord help people and organizations refocus their direction for a life of greater significance and impact.


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