He (Bob) has a passion for both the faith-based and workplace arenas and communicates well to either audience. He is an animated, insightful, and engaging speaker. I encourage you to invite Bob to speak for your organization or ministry; you will be glad you did!
Dr. John C. Maxwell
Author, Speaker and Founder, INJOY Stewardship Services and EQUIP
Bob Reccord is an engaging and dynamic speaker that speaks directly to the heart. After 30 years in the banking industry and hearing countless numbers of speakers; Bob’s approach stopped me in my tracks and made me take a look at my life from the inside out. For the first time I began to look at Faith, Family and Business as they relate together and not just as individual compartments of my life. It has initiated a conversation in our workplace of how we must move from success into significance.
John Jackson
President & CEO, Bank of Atlanta
Having found no better business partner than Jesus Christ, I’m always on the lookout for those who can engage, equip and energize those in the business world to seize the opportunity to do leadership by the Book (Scripture) and become transformational leaders. Bob Reccord is a Super Bowl-quality speaker and delivers his message with energy, integrity and authenticity. I strongly urge you to make use of Bob’s gift of motivational communication.
Wayne Huizenga Jr.
President, Huizenga Holdings
Owner, Miami Dolphins
Bob Reccord is an outstanding communicator! I have seen Bob teach to business leaders, men, and men and women groups. His message is always relevant, practical, and memorable. Most of all he brings the Word of God alive in ways that can challenge each of us to have a greater impact for the Kingdom of God. If you need a speaker that will make a difference I highly recommend hiring Bob.
Rick Boxx
President, Integrity Resource Center, Kansas City, MO
I’ve seen Bob Reccord in action, off stage, in a crowd of 30, and in a crowd of 10,000. If you want lasting results and powerful motivation, Dr. Bob Reccord is your man.
Dr. Jay Strack
President, Student Leadership University
I have watched Bob Reccord address top CEOs as well as middle management, and keep them both riveted and totally engaged. They talked about it for weeks. He understands people, team dynamics and how to make significant impact. I would encourage you to have this man speak for you.
Steve French
President, Lifework Leadership
There was not a single person in the room last evening who was not impacted by your speech, and who didn’t leave wanting to know MORE! Not only did you share the information in a compelling way, you gave a call to action that couldn’t be missed. The feedback we’ve had from our clients was that they didn’t want the evening to end and they continued to discuss what you presented, all the way home. We couldn’t ask for more. I don’t know what we’ll do next year for our client appreciation event, but I wouldn’t want to be the act following yours! Thank you both so much for giving our clients a profoundly impactful experience.
Susan Cowan
Client Relations Associate
Legacy Planning Group, Inc.
Bob Reccord has a way of relating to individuals even though he may be speaking to a crowd of thousands of people. God has gifted him with extraordinary communication and oratorical skills seldom seen today. When Bob speaks you know he’s talking to you and relating biblically-based solutions to today’s problems which each of us deals with in our families, our businesses and our communities.
Stephen R. Puckett
Chairman, Arbitrage Medical, LLC
Over the past twelve years I have served as the Director of Evangelism for Promise Keepers. We have used many of the best of the best among national speakers in our events. Bob Reccord is exemplary in this group, and none are finer in presenting the Gospel with powerful clarity.
Dr. Gordon England
Former Director of Director of Strategic Relationships, Promise Keepers
You continue to capture my interest with your thought-provoking presentations. As a Division President of one of the largest commercial contractors in the United States I have been exposed to many speakers. You continue to speak from the heart. Your success as a business person combined with your Christian Biblical knowledge provides a view on life’s values and behaviors that other speakers cannot offer. You are hard charging, high energy and even find a way to throw humor into your presentation. I thank you for challenging me and making me a better person. You are truly doing God’s work and I admire you for that.
Al Petrangell
Division President, Balfour Beatty Construction
Bob’s passion and clarity of message revived my spiritual peace that had been diluted by the busy pace of life. He revealed to me that with my hectic schedule as an emergency physician in a major trauma center, I had missed God’s quiet voice. Applying the principles shared by Bob, I clearly re-prioritized my life bringing great comfort. I am thrilled with a renewed commitment and passion for God, my wife and children. Thank you Bob!
Robert M Steffens, MD, MS
Emergency Physician
Dr. Bob Reccord recently conducted a day of our staff retreat. The session on "Team Development and Staff Strategy" was immensely helpful and practical.Dr. Reccord and his wife conducted the DISC profile with our entire ministerial team and enabled us to better coordinate and relate to one another. The session on delegation and teamwork was particularly excellent! A basis for success and effective impact was established by all the presentations we so enjoyed. Without reservation, I would recommend the total life impact package offered by Dr. Reccord and his consultation team."
Dr. Bob Horner
Christian Speaker and former Pastor throughout the Southeast
As the leader of a marketplace ministry that touches hundreds of Christian owners, presidents and c-level executives in our community, I am always uplifted when Bob is able to join us as a keynote speaker. He ranks as one of the favorite speakers among our audiences and has a great way of effectively, and humorously, communicating powerful and practical truth. If you are looking for an energetic and engaging speaker, I highly recommend Bob Reccord.
Craig Huston, Executive Director
Lifework Leadership of South Florida