Parenting Conference

If you find it hard to regulate parenting or grand-parenting—working a career or enjoying the fruits of your career—starting now you can make those relationships and lists of activities count for more than a memory.

Total life Impact ministries cover all the aspects of daily life from parenting to marriage. TLI’s parenting conference is an educational event that helps all of the participants to actively respond and learn. Moreover, people from diverse backgrounds interact and learn to be a better parent than before. It helps parents, children and their relationship as a whole and let them comprehend each other in a better way.

Reccord’s parenting conference is an event that nourishes the soul and strengthens the parent-child relationship. Their practical and unique techniques are highly effective in generating a sense of self-care and authenticity. Being parents and grand-parents, they have immense knowledge and practical experience about parenting. Both guide you through parenting and give tips about dealing with children and understanding their world and feelings.

Come find practical ways to implement on mission moments in the life you’re already living—and see God reveal a bigger-than-life mission bringing fulfillment and purpose you never knew could exist! 

Sessions of Parenting conference

What’s Your Role…and What’s Your Goal?

Parenting isn’t for Cowards
Define Your Map and Mission
If you Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Any Route will Do!
Uniquely Designed for a Successful Mission
Why Do My Kids do What They Do?
Houston, We Have a Problem!
Help! Are we on Course for Success?

Schedule Options for Parenting conference

Friday Evening

Session 1:   (7-8:00) Moving from Surviving to Soaring
Break:          8:00-8:15
Session 2:    (8:15-9:30) How to Leave a Legacy that Lasts

Saturday Morning

Coffee: 8:30
Session 3:  (8:45-10:15) Understanding What Makes You Tick and What Ticks You Off
Break:        (10:15-10:30)
Session 4:  (10:30-12:00) So, What’s Your Gameplan?